Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! And since it's on a Monday, we celebrated all weekend with both sides of the family. Friday evening we went to my in-laws house for pizza and birthday cake. Here is a picture of me and our my little man blowing out candles. He got such a kick out of helping!!! Plus he needs the practice because his birthday is right around the corner!!!

Then on Saturday grandma and grandpa Alberts brought over some surprise guests!!! Yes, our little one got to play with his cousins!!! The last time they were all together was Christmas... and times have changed now that our little one is crawling. I am pretty sure the boys enjoyed their visit. And I know our little one did! Here are all three handsome little devils!!!

Today we went to grandma and grandpa Mueller's for prime rib dinner and triple chocolate cake (thank god I'm not posting workouts and weight losses right now... it's not looking pretty). And guess what I got for my birthday? A FAMILY PASS TO THE ZOO!!! Heehaw!!! We will all be enjoying this gift. Our pass will be coming in the mail this week. We can't wait for the weather to break so that we can take our first outing. And the pass is good for up to five people which means grandmas and grandpas get to go to the zoo with us when they want to!!!

We enjoyed spending our time with family this weekend. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and beautiful gifts!!!! We love you all!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Dresp

Today we celebrated grandma Dresp's birthday. Grandma came over to spend the day with us and have a birthday dinner. We played all day and even went for a walk. Our little man was so tired that he went to bed at 7pm for the first time in quiet a while. He enjoyed his day with grandma and wanted to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you grandma!!!!

Out walking with grandma!

Just hanging out!

My mommy is soooooo funny!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

And at 10 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days we CRAWL!

When I walked into my daycare yesterday to pick up my son, I was swarmed by kids yelling, "watch this Miss Danielle, watch this!" I watched, as one of the younger girls rolled a car past my son in an attempt to get him to crawl, my son crawl right to me!!! YEAH!!! I thought for sure he was going to go for the car but he was so excited when I walked in, that he chose to crawl to MOMMY!!!! I took video of him crawling yesterday and today to share with all of you but apparently Blogger is having issues up loading videos.

Last week I told you I would share a picture of Grandpa Mueller and my little man celebrating Grandpa's birthday. Here it is:

Aren't they just so cute?

Poor baby had an ear infection that day.... mommy just didn't know :( He had fun riding his motorcycle anyway!!!!

On a totally different note: I wanted to thank my in-laws Mr. and Mrs. Alberts for bringing over all the goodies this week!!! It was greatly appreciated!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Under The Weather

Our little one has not been feeling well this past week or should I for the past two weeks when the eye gunk started flowing. We thought we had the eye gunk under control but then last Sunday it came back. The doctor prescribed us the eye drops since I called and explained that I didn't think the eye ointment worked. I told him that it was difficult for me to get the ointment in his eye and he said that if I got it onto his lids it melted into his eye and he was sure that most of the ointment got into the eye but prescribed me the drops anyway. Sheesh... So we did the eye drop thing and it worked but then our little one still wasn't acting right or eating for that matter. He got a fever on Wednesday night, of this past week, but it was gone Thursday and he seemed his chipper little self Thursday morning. But then this past Friday morning he woke up with some nasty green drainage coming out of his cute little nose. And so, we made a trip to the doctor's Friday afternoon and turns out he has a double ear infection (I hate you green eye gunk for making your way to my baby's ears) and some bronchial issues. I started him on the antibiotics and inhaler doses last night before bed. He managed to sleep through the night and I thought for sure when he woke up he would be starving (and I'm sure he was) but because of the double ear infection, he only drank 3 ounces of his formula. As the day progressed, I monitored him closely and noticed that in a five hour time span he did not urinate. So, I called the doctor again and the recommendation was to take him to the emergency room if he did not urinate in the next 3 hours. The other recommendation was to feed him with a medicine dropper and to try to pump fluids into him every 15-20 minutes, this was the recommendation that saved us from going to the ER. We were able to get about 16 ounces a fluid in him today, 10 cheerios, 3 bites of banana's, a half a yogurt, and whole container of prunes (the last one took me the entire day). After using the medicine dropper for fluids, we had urination 3 to be specific and he made one big messy diaper that resulted in an early bath. After taking his bath, he felt much better and actually talked and played like his usual little self! Hopefully tomorrow he will feel even better. My husband and I felt terrible all day to see our little one suffering. We tried our best to make him as happy and comfortable as he could be. Mommy and daddy love you baby!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa Mueller

This evening the little man and I went to Granpa Mueller's to celebrate his birthday!!! We had a very nice evening together!!! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (which I never do :( ) so I do not have any pictures. But Grandma took some and they will be coming soon!!!

We love you Grandpa!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Well... it's Friday

I am at a loss!!! There are no challenges or quests going on at the moment and I just can't believe that I do not have to report my workouts!!! But because I need to stay focused on maintaining a healthy life style, I am going to post my workouts for this week anyway. This may be the last workout report, unless that is until Christie would be so kind as to head up another challenge or quest!

Here is what I did this week:

Monday: 30 min. Pilates workout

Tuesday: 33 min. on elliptical (16min. with the dumbbells) and 1 mile walk.

Wednesday: 50 min. Pilates workout

Thursday: 28 min. on elliptical (16min. with the dumbbells) and 1 mile walk.

Friday: OFF

My workouts were slightly less this week. Probably because I didn't have a goal to meet or a report to make... but I did something. And something is better than nothing. I think I actually lost a couple of pounds in our last quest, but like I have said I never really kept track. My clothes are fitting much better these days and I am feeling great! And in case you were wondering why I never talk about my diet, it's because I'm on the see food diet. You know you see it, then eat it!!! Unfortunately, I have been on that diet my whole life and to be honest with you I never see it changing lol....

Baby Note: Because you know I always have to keep you updated on the latest with my little one!

The pink eye or whatever type of eye infection it actually was, is for the most part gone. He got outside this week quiet a bit with his daycare friends and love every minute of it. He has been moving more and more each day, and talking more and more each day. He says MAMA quiet clearly now and give kisses on demand (that's my favorite!!!). He's been doing some off these things for a while but not consistently... and now they are consistent! He loves his early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Alberts (leap frog learning table, Thank you!) and has been using it every night to develop his gross motor and mobility skills.

Here's a picture of him in action with daddy and Dot (from bugs life)!

Giving kisses to Dot, he love her!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gunk, Love, and Prize

A while back I asked Grandma and Grandpa Mueller if they would like to have a sleepover with out little one for Saturday. And over the last week, I decided I might as well just sleepover to so that we could have one big slumber party. Our weekend did not turn out as planned. On Saturday morning I noticed some nasty green gunk coming out of my babies eyes. At first, I thought maybe it was just some extra sleepy crust, but then as the day went on it just kept pouring out. Around noon on Saturday I called the doctor to tell him what I was seeing and he instructed me to remove the gunk with a clean warm or cold compress (wet cotton balls) for each eye each time I wiped the gunk away. I followed his instructions and it seemed to keep the gunk from accumulating in my babies eyes but it didn't make him look better by any means. I called Grandpa and Grandma Mueller to inform them that we would not be coming over to spend the night because I wanted my baby to be comfortable sleeping in his own bed and that we had a doctor's appointment in the morning.

Sunday I woke up to find my son in good spirits even with crusted shut eyes. We went to the doctors and pretty much confirmed what I thought was a case of pink eye. The doctor said that it was a mild case and that he seemed to be on the mend all on his own but gave me a prescription for an eye ointment anyway for precautionary measures. Let me just tell you applying the ointment is not easy!!!! But it seems to be flushing the nasty gunk out so I will go with it!

Here is the gunk, YUCK! And yes, he's still smiling! This is one tough little cookie!
So, my little love bug and I decided to make up for our sleepover and took gunk and all over to grandpa and grandma's for a visit today!

We had a great day today! Grandma and Grandpa Mueller had a couple of Valentine surprises waiting to be played with and that he did!

Gunk and all, the weekend turned out better than expected. Like I said, my son is one tough little cookie. Saturday he was clingy and just wanted mommy and mommy just wanted to be with him too! And Sunday was a day spent with family, which we both thoroughly enjoyed!!!

I have to back track to Friday for a minute here. After I put the baby to bed Friday evening. I did my usual Friday routine.... shower, dinner, and of course check my email and blog. I know, exciting right? But wait this time it was exciting because when I logged in to see what has been going on I noticed that I had a message from Christie saying that I was the winner of this weeks prize giveaway for our "Quest for Greatness" challenge. You want to know what I won? Take a look at this beauty!!!

It's a Sigg water bottle. It's aluminum, lightweight, and it will save me from using plastic water bottles that I throw away. I would like to thank Christie again for always motivating me to life a more healthy life style!!! And thanks for drawing my name this week. I can't wait to put this beauty to use!!!!