Sunday, July 31, 2011

Favorite Family Moments of Summer 2011 so far.....

The summer weather has been so hot and humid that there are only two places the little man and I have wanted to be and that is with family or in the water! Eddie has had so much fun in the water that I even bought a pass to the city pool even though we have are very own pool in our backyard (he has more fun in water he can stand in!). Anyway, below are a few of my favorite family moments of summer 2011 so far......

At the water park with Peepaw and Grandma Mueller~ We had so much fun. Eddie was not afraid to swim and even went under the water with Peepaw!

Fishing at Peepaw Mueller's house-- Now when we go out to Peepaw's we have to ride the tractor and fish!

Me and all of my Mueller cousins- We had a Mueller family reunion this summer. It was great to see all of my cousins. We had a blast in the sun and Eddie loved playing with all of his cousins and is beginning to understand that all family is special and important!

Eddie is fishing with cousin PJ and Zack:

Playing with cousin PJ in the pool~ Eddie definitely bounded with cousin PJ to the point where this mommy actually got to sit down and visit with the rest of the family~

Fourth of July weekend: Eddie"s first time fishing in Peepaw's pond with Daddy!

The three of us being silly at the Fourth of July fireworks~

One of my favorite pictures of the summer:

Cruising around in the paddle boat with dad!

And Yes! My parent's (Peepaw and Grandma Mueller's) house has been the place to be this summer when it comes to spending time with family! And what a great time we have had! There is only one person who we have missed dearly this summer and that is Nana. Nana Dresp moved to N.C. in early May so it has been a couple of months since we have seen her. She will be coming to visit at the end of August and I know there will be a couple more pictures to add to my favorite family moments of summer 2011 so far......