Monday, July 30, 2007

White Water Rafting

July 26-28th 2007 I went to Ohio Pyle Pennsylvania for my first white water rafting experience! Although I had never been rafting before, I was able to guide our raft safely through the rapids in dangerous situations and conditions!!! My dad "the captain" of our raft and a good friend of his did a great job of helping me "the real captain" control the raft! There were fourteen members in our rafting trip, many of which have rafted before! They came prepared with their bailers and we all got thoroughly soaked! Thanks "GUYS"!!! The oldest member of our group was 77 and he enjoyed starting all the trouble as we made our way through the rapids. Don't worry everyone made it down the river in one piece!
I wanted to thank everyone for a great trip and all the work and efforts that were put into the trip to make it a great experience. I can't wait to camp through a monsoon again, eat endless amounts of food, have a couple of cocktails, and play corn hole with the corn hole king!!!

The oldest member of our group!

My Dad!

The group!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Events through 7-25-07

July 15, 2007 My husbands band "Organic Soul" played out at the Wright Place. Friends and family came out to see the show! We hope you all come out again it won't be as fun without you!

July 13, 2007 Allison Cupach's graduation party. I can't believe my little cousins are already starting to graduate from high school! I'M GETTING OLD! The next graduate will be Haley, she's in the red tank top!! Good luck in your senior year!

Mark and Becky!

My dad (cowboy hat), mom and cousin PJ!

My cousins, aunt, stepmom and I!

July 8, 2007 we went to the little nephews 3rd birthday party! The little nephew is allergic to wheat and to many other things to list so everything needed to be made special, including the cake. His mother, god bless her, slaved in the kitchen all day to make sure her guest, as well as her son had something to eat while also being safe for all!

June something 07!!! Our favortie nephews came over to swim in the pool and ride the four wheeler! The little nephew had a great time. Unfortunately, the older nephew got sick! We enjoyed their company and can't wait to have them back.

The little nephew with his favorite uncle! It is true all men love toys!

June 29,2007 my mom and I went to Detriot Michigan for my college roommates wedding! We ate great food, had a couple of drinks, and danced the night away!

My college roomate! You looked beautiful! Congratulations!

June 23, 2007 my husband played acoustic guitar while singing for an entire night with the help of a friend. They did a great job just the two of them and had a great response from the crowd. Two of my high school friends from the "west side" came out to watch the the show with me! Thanks guys!

My high school friends and I!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cabin / SuperMotard Weekend

Over the weekend Ed and I took our DRZ400SM's to Emporium Pennsylvania, where our family cabin is located. I am not that experienced at riding so we began our trip by tooling around the camp. As I began to get some courage we made our way through some amazing mountians! We had a great time and made it back in one piece. Here are some pictures of the eight hours of riding we logged over the weekend.
Then there was WEEBULLS! Ed and I stopped for a bite to eat and wouldn't you know Ed's band may be playing there in the near furture!