Monday, July 30, 2007

White Water Rafting

July 26-28th 2007 I went to Ohio Pyle Pennsylvania for my first white water rafting experience! Although I had never been rafting before, I was able to guide our raft safely through the rapids in dangerous situations and conditions!!! My dad "the captain" of our raft and a good friend of his did a great job of helping me "the real captain" control the raft! There were fourteen members in our rafting trip, many of which have rafted before! They came prepared with their bailers and we all got thoroughly soaked! Thanks "GUYS"!!! The oldest member of our group was 77 and he enjoyed starting all the trouble as we made our way through the rapids. Don't worry everyone made it down the river in one piece!
I wanted to thank everyone for a great trip and all the work and efforts that were put into the trip to make it a great experience. I can't wait to camp through a monsoon again, eat endless amounts of food, have a couple of cocktails, and play corn hole with the corn hole king!!!

The oldest member of our group!

My Dad!

The group!