Saturday, April 3, 2010

March Events/ Easter 2010

Three birthday's later and March has come to an end. My father, mother, and I all have birthday's in March. So needless to say, March is usually a pretty busy month. Then, add in working full time, taking care of a toddler and a house, not to mention all the fun activities we try to do with our son.... and voila, the month is over. We've had three birthday dinners, lots and lots of cupcakes (which our little man just absolutely loves), went to see the Easter bunny, rode the train next to the Easter Bunny, went to Chucky Cheese (aka: "Chuy Cheez") for the first time, had Palm Sunday dinner with the Alberts family and have gone on about what seems like 40 tractor rides. Our little man looooves... "TRWACKTOR RIIIDESS." He goes on tractor rides (four wheeler) with his daddy around the yard and tractor rides with PeePaw Mueller on the kabota when we go over for visits.

Today has also been a full day. We woke up first thing this morning to look for a giant stuffed bunny and Easter basket that the Easter Bunny brought to our home last night. Our little one was so excited. He really, really liked his bunny, as well as, his candy and a couple of other toys the Easter Bunny (Mommy) brought him. Grandma Dresp came over for an early dinner and to be apart of our first annual Easter Egg Hunt. After going for yet another "TRWACKTOR RIIIDE" with daddy, our little one still had it in him to hunt for eggs. He was so stinking cute. Every time he found an egg he would let out a squeal of delight!

Here are lots and lots of pictures of more memories:

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

So cute!! Happy Easter Alberts Family!!