Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween & Such 2010

Halloween was a bit of a challenge this year. Our little man would not wear a costume. He liked all three of the costumes I bought and would carry them around the house like dolls but just wouldn't wear them. I finally, after seeing his little buddy Anthony dressed up as a farmer, decided that he would be a hunter! My husband and Papa Ed both hunt so I figured since they both have all the hunting gear and our little man has seen all of it, there would be no problem. I was wrong. The first time I put the camouflage overalls on my little man he rolled on the floor screaming, "take these off of me." Eventually, with enough distractions, he got over wearing the hunting overalls and went with the flow!
A week or so prior to Halloween we painted "baby pumpkins" together, participated in the Halloween story time at the library, went to Boo at the Zoo with Nana Dresp, and did some trick or treating in the downtown area of were we live! And although wearing a costume was a bit of a challenge, Halloween turned out to be a great night. We went to Papa and Mema Alberts house for dinner and trick or treating. Our little man was pooped after 15 or so houses so daddy took him back to Papa and mema's to pass out candy to the kids! He had a blast. And we all had a blast watching him.

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