Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas break flew by this year. I swear the time off keeps getting shorter and shorter each year but then again I guess any time at all off with my family is a blessing. As you may have read we were really busy up to Christmas doing Christmasy things. And as you can imagine the business didn't stop there. On Christmas Eve Nana Dresp and Uncle Bob came over to our house to celebrate, have dinner, and of course to spoil Eddie.

Here are a few pictures:

And then after the party broke up we had to leave milk and cookies for Santa!Christmas morning was absolutely magical. Eddie woke up not even really thinking about Christmas and Santa. He woke up asking for his computer (Mobigo) that he got on Christmas Eve from nana. I gave him his computer and then went downstairs to get my coffee. When I returned to the room he was sitting there on my bed looking so cute in his Christmas jammies playing his computer when I asked him, "Who do you think came last night?" And he said, "SAANTAA!!!!!" He immediately wanted to go downstairs to see if the milk and cookies were gone and to see if Santa left him any presents. When he finally saw what awaited him he said, "Mom! oh boy! oh my gosh! look mom, look dad!" and then he started opening his presents. With each present we got an oh my gosh, oh boy, oh mom, oh dad.... it was so stinking cute! He was so excited and so exhausted from the excitement that half way through his presents he said, "okay. I all done now. I save the rest for later." So, he took a break and came back to finish opening his presents a half hour or so later (note to self: do not let Santa bring as much next year!).

Here are a few pictures of Christmas morning:

After opening presents all morning we went to Aunt Janeen's for Christmas dinner. Eddie had a blast playing with his cousins and getting to spend the afternoon with family. We all had great company, great food, and an overall great day together.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon:
Uncle Ed and his oldest nephew jamming in the basement:

Eddie opening his big wheel:The day after Christmas Grandma and Peepaw Mueller came over to celebrate the Christmas holiday with us. And again our spaghetti man was spoiled. We enjoyed each others company and had a great dinner. The hubby and I were spoiled too by all grandmas and grandpas. Thank you all for making our holiday so special. We love you.
Here are a few pictures of Christmas, that day after:

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Allison said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Can't wait to meet up with you and hear all about it!