Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa and Our Elf- Lego

As usual, the day before Thanksgiving we took our little man to get his picture taken with Santa. We decided that this year we would make it our Christmas card since come April it will no longer be just the three of us. Yes! There will be four of us and our picture with Santa will no longer just be our little man. The next time we go to take our picture with Santa, it will be Eddie with his baby sister. We are all very excited for the new addition to our family!!! However, there are times that I sit here an think.... WOW! There is going to be four of us. It's no longer going to be just the three of us!!! And although I am very happy, part of me feels a tiny bit sad. So, I wanted to capture this moment with my little man and with Santa as just the three of us!

And since the holiday season and festivities have begun, this year we added our elf Lego to our Christmas traditions. At first, Eddie didn't really understand the magic of Lego but then when he started to show up in strange places throughout the house, the magic set in. Every morning Eddie wakes up he either tries to find Lego right away or one of us will say, "have you seen Lego?" And then the search begins. When Eddie finds him he will run to one of us and say, "look, look I found the elf." Once he has found Lego he usually stands there with his mouth open and pointing for us to see while letting out a kind of silent laugh. Daddy has really come up with some creative places to hang Lego and I think that even makes it more fun and special for Eddie. Meanwhile, Eddie's behavior has been terrific because he now knows that Lego reports to Santa each night. I know one little boy that will definitely be getting a visit from Santa this Christmas.

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