Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sled Riding- Brave Boy

Today marked our first sled ride of the new year! Yep! We actually got enough snow over the weekend to have some fun in the snow. And my boys did just that! I ,of course, went along to take pictures but deep down inside was wishing I could go down the hill too!

My boys making their way to the hill.
The first two times down the hill were a little shaky so the little man decided to go check out the river with daddy.

Third time down the hill was a charm.

And the fourth.

And after the little man got wet snow in his face and shed a couple of tears, he got brave and decided to go down the hill by himself.

From then on his bravery turned into fun because he went down the hill by himself many many times (we created a sled riding monster)! We were so proud of him.

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Allison said...

That is the best sledding hill ever! I'm glad that your boys got the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the snow. Were you able to relax by the fire at all?