Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter is always a special holiday around here and it usually starts with Mema and Papa Alberts annual Easter egg hunt for their grandchildren. However, this year we had more to celebrate and that was the arrival of our baby girl Andi Jo. She did not get a basket from the Easter bunny this year like her big brother nor did she get to participate in the hunting of eggs but she will next year for sure! This year she got to be our very own cute little bunny while big brother Eddie found his basket and hunted for eggs!

This Easter was priceless. Eddie enjoyed his Easter immensely and told us by saying, "man this easter bunny is good!" and " I think this Easter bunny loves me!" all the while I kept thinking to myself and periodically saying out loud, of course the Easter bunny loves you. This Easter bunny will love both of you forever and ever!

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