Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Danger, has been the resounding theme at the Alberts household for the month of September. And it has this mommy looking forward to the cold weather so that we can all be quarantined in the house and away from danger. Our little man is an outdoors man with the best of them and unless it's raining or freezing cold, it's hard to keep him in doors. He loves to catch frogs, ride bikes, and most recently loves riding his new four wheeler (insert-mommy having panic attacks) that his daddy bought him. Then, there's my little Andi Jo. She is now mobile and can roll across the room. She is reaching and grabbing at everything, which means it's time to clean up all the bits and pieces lying around the house to keep her away from the danger of chocking on small objects. And did I forget to mention that she is dangerously cute and is talking up a storm with da da da's! 
We have had a great start to our fall together. And although danger is here, there, and everywhere, I know that my babies are safe each night I get to tuck them and shower them with hugs and kisses.
Here are a few pictures of my dangerously cute little monkeys:
Camo boy frog master Eddie

Perry homecoming parade. The only semi-good danger of  being pelted in the head with candy.

DANGER!!! Look at him go! 

Crazy Four Wheeler's

Dangerously cute!

My little lamb and Nana

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