Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's been five months since my last post!

Its been fivemonths since my last post and I feel like I should have to attend a weekly meeting for blog neglect, if there is such a meeting. I have so many thoughts and feelings I want to share, but don't even know where to begin. So, I guess I will start with LIFE!!!! Life has completely taken over since we moved into our new home. My little man started kindergarten and is growing and learning at the expected rate. Some days he loves school and other days not so much, but I guess you'll have that from a five year old that goes to school all day everyday. My little man recently joined the mighty mite wrestling team and is doing very well. Each meet is a learning experience and each meet he gets tougher and tougher, which I love watching. He is growing into a bright, athletic, tough, caring, kind, and loving boy. My daughter ( my baby) isn't a baby anymore. She is walking steadily, talking in full sentences, and is in full blown toddler mode (climbing, smiling, laughing, crying, coloring, trying to count, making demands, and testing the limits). She melts my heart with her smile and never ending questions! She is curious, bright, talkative, beautiful, caring, kind, and loving. 

Both of my children capture my heart everyday by the little things they do and say. They are both so special to me, more than either one of them will ever know. There are more days then not that I lay in bed and reflect each days events and wonder, think about, hope, and believe that I am being the best mom I can be. 

Here's to many more memories, not letting five months go by before I post about our life's events, and to a great and happy new year!!!!

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