Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting Old

Okay... today I had to make up part of a training that I missed last school year. Then I came home and had dinner with the hubby, which was the best dinner ever: chicken, rice a roni, and cottage cheese (YUM!!!), and then I went shopping with my mother in law for new school clothes (which I enjoyed thoroughly)! Most people that know me, know that I stay away from buying clothes that need to be ironed!!! However, you know I am getting old when I buy clothes that need ironed and then I come home and actually iron and outfit for work tomorrow!!! I already thought it was bad enough that this past Thanksgiving break, while my husband was hunting, that I stayed home on a Friday night!!! I actually called my parents and asked what was wrong with me??? Oh yeah... and somewhere in the mix I started reading and I actually love it! Well now I know (the ironing tops it off) that I'm getting old! Things will probably only get better, right?

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