Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Dogs

Today I took two of my dogs for a run to the park near my house. My German Shepard loves to swim so we always make a pit stop at the river. When I let her loose to jump in I didn't realize that after all the rain that she could be swept away!!! Thank God she is a good swimmer because she made it to the bank and decided to jump in for some more fun! The little beagle usually get her feet wet but she was smart enough to know that she would be swept away and would not be coming back.... so she just took a couple of sips of water and waited for the German Shepard to get done swimming! (The picture above is not from today!) We made our way back home in the 90 degree weather to find the fat beagle baking in the sun! I would have taken her to the park to but as you can see she definitely wouldn't have made it!

The Fat Beagle!!!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Poor Speages! I'm glad Koa didn't get swept away :O How scary is that?