Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is July Really Over?

How could July already be over? Where did the time go? I feel like the summer is almost over even though we still have the whole month of August. And I feel like we really didn't get to do much, even though the little man and I have been on the go go go!!! And even on a rainy day like today... we were on the go go go!!! Today, grandma Mueller and I took the little man to the children's museum. We tried to show him the water table, the house that had a kitchen, nursery, and bedroom, and the barn all of which had signs teaching children what the rooms were for and how to take care of things such as cooking and babies etc.... However, he is at the age were he just wants to go go go. Hopefully, he got something out of the experience!!!

Here are some pics of us at the museum:

Grandma Mueller and my little man!

Crawling through the tunnel:
Me and my man:

My man in the barn room:

July has been packed with fun! Yesterday we had one of the best play dates ever with two friends of mine and their children. We went to the sprinkler park and then came back to our house for pizza and more play time!

Here is a picture of the three cuties at the sprinkler park playing with all the other kids toys:

Back at our house:

We have also visited with family during the month of July. We went to the zoo with grandma Dresp. We've gone over to grandma and grandpa Alberts to visit with the little man's cousins. And have visited grandma and grandpa Mueller.

Here is a pic of Grandma Dresp at the zoo with the little man:

Hanging out with his cousins at the Alberts!
Celebrating my cousins birthday at a play gym:


Kat said...

He is just such a big boy now!!!!
And yes, this summer is just flying by. I wish it would slow down some. :)

Julie said...

You guys have been busy! Sounds fun though. Summer has flown by & I am not excited for it to be over. Your little guy looks so big. He is so dang cute!

maggie said...

Aw... so cute. Summer does go so fast, though, doesn`t it?