Sunday, October 11, 2009

Patterson Fruit Farm

As we drove to the Patterson Fruit Farm yesterday, I realized how much I appreciate the change of seasons. And also, how much I am just like my parents. I found myself saying the exact things I would hear my parents (more so my dad) saying when I used to sit in the back seat as a child. I made reference to the changing color of the leaves many times and by the third time I just had to chuckle because I thought OMG... I'm just like my parents!!! Anyway, we took our little guy to the fruit farm for a wagon ride, pony ride, the muddy corn maze, and much more. There were so many things for our little one to do and he pretty much tried all of them with the help of mom, dad, and grandma Dresp. We will definitely be going back next year and I will make sure we are geared up in play/mud boots/ heavy duty coat type clothing!!! And that goes for all of us.

Here is a slide show of our day:


Julie said...

That looks like a lot of fun! We are trying to find a place like that to go this weekend. Your little one is getting big!

Christie O. said...

My goodness he's getting big! How much fun is that, I wish we had something more classic than orange groves here. that looks like fun! and boy does he look like his cousins!!!! so cute!