Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Last weekend the hubs and I took our little man to meet grandma and grandpa Mueller for Boo at the Zoo. Our little Frankenmonster was in awe of all the kids in costumes, activities, and animals, now that he can see them and point to them saying, "I touch." He especially enjoyed the petting the big stuff puppy with daddy that was station near the Zoo entrance, walking through the maze with grandpa Mueller, and the dinosaur exhibit. The weather was actually perfect for adults but a little on the chilly side for an 18 month old. We will definitely be going back in the future when our little man can run around on his own!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Patterson Fruit Farm

As we drove to the Patterson Fruit Farm yesterday, I realized how much I appreciate the change of seasons. And also, how much I am just like my parents. I found myself saying the exact things I would hear my parents (more so my dad) saying when I used to sit in the back seat as a child. I made reference to the changing color of the leaves many times and by the third time I just had to chuckle because I thought OMG... I'm just like my parents!!! Anyway, we took our little guy to the fruit farm for a wagon ride, pony ride, the muddy corn maze, and much more. There were so many things for our little one to do and he pretty much tried all of them with the help of mom, dad, and grandma Dresp. We will definitely be going back next year and I will make sure we are geared up in play/mud boots/ heavy duty coat type clothing!!! And that goes for all of us.

Here is a slide show of our day:

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday, we took our little man to the pumpkin patch for the very first time. He picked out his own pumpkins, ran up and down the aisle of pumpkins, and went for a short wagon ride with his pumpkins. We also bought apple cider while we were at pumpkinville and tested it out once we arrived back home. The cider got a thumbs up in this house hold!

Here are some pics:

Today we celebrated one of our little man's girlfriend's birthday. We looked forward to going to her party ever since we recieved the invitation. However, right before we were about to leave I checked our babies temp and what did it say?? 101.7??? It's never been that high before. So, I called my girlfriend and told her we were not going to come and she said it was up to me and that sometimes when Madilyn wakes up from a nap she is really warm and has had a fever like temperature. Do kids wake up with fever like temperatures after taking a nap? Someone please answer that question. So anyway, then I went back to the barn to talk it over with the hubby and he said that our little one looked fine and that he was probably just cutting a tooth again. I preceded to go back and forth, and back and forth because he's just never had a fever that high. Then, I checked his temp again and it had gone down some.... so off we went to the birthday celebration. We were there for about an hour and a half, which was plenty because I just knew my baby wasn't feeling good. We gave Madilyn her presents, had a little to eat, talked with our friends and out the door we went to get home and into our pj's. When we arrived back home I checked our little man's temp again and this time it read 100.4, which means that it went down a whole degree. So What? It was probably just the Tylenol kicking in.... any how he crashed earlier then usual and is sleeping peacefully. I just hope we wake up tomorrow fever free and pray that it is just his teeth and not an ear infection. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it's not the teeth and that he's getting sick. Poor baby.

The birthday girl:

My little man absolutely loved this ELMO poster. He kept trying to kiss it!
And he enjoyed pushing Madilyn' s baby around.