Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Where do I begin? Christmas, Christmas, Christmas... was so magical this year. We are blessed with a crazy little boy who was so unbelievably cute Christmas morning trying to hand us his presents. He can say Santa, he can tell us what Santa says (insert HO HO HO here), but I'm not totally sure he really understood "Christmas" this year. However, once I showed him how to open his presents the train left the station and didn't stop until he opened his presents and anyone else's that were under the tree!

Once all of his presents were open, he quickly learned how to operate them. Did I tell you that he is one smart cookie? And he plays hard... there's no stopping him when he want to play. This past Sunday night he literally pushed one of his new tractors on my bed, while his head bobbed up and down like he was bobbing for apples, until he feel asleep. Our boy is definitely determined! He's growing up so fast. He's starting to repeat everything we say and he's beginning to understand emotion. He's been walking or should I say running and he doesn't sit still for a second. But we love him. We love him so much it hurts. I can only speak for myself when I say, our son has really helped me to understand how important family really is and how you really can't love them enough.

We tried to love on most of our immediate family the weekend before Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and the Sunday after. So, like many of you, we were busy. Really busy. It's not like I was slaving in the kitchen making cookies or anything like that ( don't worry, I eat plenty of cookies)... it was the working, trying to shop, and the keeping up with a 20 month old while trying to prepare for company/going for visits that kept me busy. And SWOOSH! Just like that, Christmas has already come and gone. And even though I am tired, so tired.... I am already looking forward to next Christmas and memories that will be made.

Lots and lots and lots of Christmas pictures:

Now, onto the New Year. I hope to spend more time with family and I hope to change some habits, like my eating! lol... So, I have once again joined a weight loss challenge to help me hold myself accountable.
Click here Sisterhood for details about the challenge and leave a comment if you want to join.
Rethink Your Shrink!

Monday, December 21, 2009

In Memory of My Grandmother


SCHILLING BARBARA SCHILLING (nee Sandoval), age 72, left us December 19, 2009 to be with the Lord in her heavenly home for Christmas and reunited with the love of her live for 53 years, the late David G. Schilling, Sr. Beloved mother of David, Jr. (Jeanne O'Malley-Schilling), Denise (Luis) Afanador, and Renee (Joseph) Mueller. Dearest grandmother of Greg, Steven, Christopher, Robert and Danielle. Great-grandmother of Eddie, Izabella and Arianna. Dear sister of Marylou Dallas and Frank Sandoval. Retired Operations Manager, Food Service Division, Cleveland Board of Education.

My grandmother was strong, brave, courageous, and ever loving to all. She helped to mold me into the woman I am today. She supported me in all my endeavours and treating me like one of her own.
I will never forget you grandma! I pray that you are resting in peace next to grandpa. I love you.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Holiday Festivities are Full Steam Ahead!

We've been nonstop over here at the Alberts household since the day before Thanksgiving. Like last year, I took our little man to get his picture done with Santa the day before Thanksgiving. We met grandma and grandpa Mueller for breakfast and then off we went for our second visit with Santa. This year was unlike last year in that our little man cried when I put him on Santa's lap. Amazingly, we were able to get him out of his funk. Even Santa couldn't believe he bounced back!
Thanksgiving day was spent at grandpa and grandma Mueller's house with family. Our little man finally got meet baby Bella- his second cousin once removed by marriage I think! Anyway, she is adorable and our little man enjoyed giving her a kiss!

Here's proof:

My hubby left for hunting the day after thanksgiving, which left me and little man home to spend some quality time together. We pretty much just stayed home over the weekend and got some rest. Monday we went to grandma Alberts for dinner and then Tuesday we went to grandma and grandpa Mueller's for dinner. Wednesday we came straight home after work and Thursday we did dinner with Santa at the school district that grandpa Mueller and I work for, which was so super cute. We are looking forward to dinner with Santa next year for sure! The hubby came home Thursday night and Friday we just hung out! Saturday we through a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband's sister and Sunday we went on a Christmas train ride with grandma and grandpa Alberts. The 40th birthday party was a success. The birthday girl had a great time and our little man had an even better time, running around with 8 other kids and eating cookies until his little hearts content. The train ride on Sunday was also a success as long as the train was moving. Our little man might have still been to small for that one but I really think he did enjoy it, especially when the horn blew and when Santa came in to give all the kids their goodies.

Here is a slide show of the snapshot of events I just rambled off!!! I had much more detail to share about all the gatherings/activities we have been doing but after working a full day and coming home to take care of our little man.... I was just to tired! Thank you everyone for making our last couple of weeks together so memorable!!!!