Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Events

It's hard to believe the last time I posted was a month ago at the end of December!!! Where did that month go? I can't even remember half of the things that we've done in the last month. I do, however, remember my son swimming around in his bath tub and blowing bubbles for the first time, and I remember him wanting to cuddle and hug mom and dad before bed time, and I remember him blowing kisses and just being so stinking cute all together!!! It seems like all of a sudden he's walking, talking (we understand him), developing a great personality, and becoming a little boy. He's almost at the stage where he's no longer a baby. He's growing up so quickly.

Anyway, here are few pictures from January:

First and only time out in the snow, so far!
Grandma Mueller came over for dinner!
Breakfast with Grandpa:

Cousin Pj's wrestling tournament:
Kyle's First Birthday Party:
Cousin Amy's baby shower:

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Julie said...

I know what you mean about the little ones not being so little anymore! It's fun to read your posts, because I am experiencing the same things with Landon. It's crazy and so amazing! I am glad your little guy is doing so good.