Thursday, June 3, 2010

2nd Birthday Party

This years birthday theme was Thomas the Tank Engine. Our toddler was so excited to see all of the Thomas characters up around the house and couldn't wait to get a hold of his Thomas cake. He celebrated his second birthday in style and enjoyed the company of family and friends despite the nasty weather we had that day. We had his party two weeks after his actual birthday in hopes that the weather would be with us but not so much! But like I said, our little man had a great time and his party was a success. One thing I really enjoyed about having his party two weeks after his birthday, was listening to him sing happy birthday to himself every day in the car ride home from work. And then on the actual day of the party he joined us in singing. And then two weeks after his party was over, he was still singing happy birthday to himself. I think his birthday lasted for at least a month but that's okay because he's our baby and only turns two once!

Here are a few collages I put together of pictures from the party!

My two boys:
My little man and his grandmas:
My little man and his grandpas:It only took me three weeks to make this post. I really hope to be able to post more about our life together and the development of our TWO YEAR OLD love bug!

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Julie said...

So cute! He's growing! Is he a terrible 2? I am having a hard time with the terrible 2s. What did you use to create the above photo layouts?