Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Third Birthday!

How can you be three already? It seems like just yesterday you were born. You have brought so much joy to mommy and daddy's lives. You are the most amazing little boy, so smart, so determined, so strong, and so loving. We have had so much fun together this third year of your life. We have gone to live shows like the Wiggles, Barney, and Disney on ICE. You have learned how to play soccer and swim (well sort of). You have climbed to the top of bounce houses all on your own and fly down the driveway on your tricycle like a mad man. On nights that it is nice out, your daddy takes you for wheeler rides which is by far one of your favorite things to do! And we have spent many nights just watching movies and playing at home together as a family. We love you so much and are so very proud of you. When you look back at these pictures just know that mommy and daddy cherished each moment with you and will always hold these moments close to our hearts. Happy Birthday! Love, Mommy and Daddy


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! We Love You :)

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Eddie! We can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!