Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone once again. This year it was just Eddie and I for the whole week. All grandparents were either working or out of town and Eddie's cousins and friends had school because their spring breaks fall on different weeks then ours this year. So, Eddie and I took advantage of our time together this week. Each day we did something fun (and exhausting)! On Monday we had a breakfast play date with Eddie's buddy Anothony that turned into a lunch date as well. We ended our date at McDonald's play land.

Eddie and Anthony at McD's:

On Tuesday, Eddie and I went to the Natural History Museum. We walked the museum to view the many exhibits from dinosaurs to the extreme animals and then finished our tour in the discovery zone for kids. Eddie discovered the same fossil for an hour and loved every minute of it. When he was not discovering the dinosaur fossil he was holding turtle shells and petting the furs of a coyote, beaver, and possum. Here are a few pictures of our day:

On Wednesday, I took Eddie for a birthday haircut. Or at least that's what I kept calling it. And I think calling it a birthday haircut worked because he actually sat in the chair and let the stylist cut his hair.

After Eddie got his haircut we went to the mall to buy his Easter outfit and had a lunch date. We were having such a good time and such a good day that we decided (Eddie) Chucky Cheese should be our last stop of the day. So, of to Chucky Cheese we went. 60 tokens later we were back in the car and on our way home.

Thursday we went to the zoo with our friends Amy and Chloe. At first, Eddie was not thrilled about going to the zoo but eventually he warmed up and ended up having so much fun with Chloe! Here they are together:

We finished our spring break activities on Friday at a bounce house. Eddie conquered the mountain and the big boy slide all by himself. He was so proud and so excited that I could barely get him out of the establishment to come home with me. The minute we got in the car I heard, "Mom. Please we go again?" I said, "Of course we will honey but not right now. Mommy is tired." And I was after our full week together but I wouldn't have wanted our spring break to be anything other than what it was. We had a terrific week together.

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Allison said...

Love the picture of the boys. We had a great time with you and Eddie over spring break!