Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Idlewild Park

August 8th and 9th we took our first family trip. We couldn't have picked a better first place for a family trip. Idlewild Park was everything I hoped it would be and was completely and totally toddler friendly. As a matter of fact, Eddie could go on most of the rides and even tried one of the adult slides in the water park section. He also went in the WAVE pool, which he absolutely loved. Thank god I brought his life vest because he charged right at the waves without an ounce of fear. I was more of a bystander and caretaker on the trip but that was okay because my two guys had so much fun together! We played games, rode roller coasters, swam, climbed up big giant spider nets, jumped in balls, walked through storybook forest and we all enjoyed each other.
Here is a picture of my two guys riding the coaster:

After our first day at the park, we went back to the hotel to get some well needed rest. It was Eddie's first stay in hotel so you can imagine how excited he was. He check over the room very thoroughly to make sure everything was good to go. He kept checking every nook and crannie until it was time for bed. He was so cute! We will definitely be going back for some more fun next summer!

Here are a few more pictures of our trip:

My personal favorite:

Yes! Eddie went down this water slide with daddy!

Eddie made it around the whole track using just his arms:

Bumper cars. Need I say more?

Hanging with dad:

Jumping monkey!

My what big teeth you have!

Jack and the Bean Stalk:

Daddy as the Little Engine that Could: "I think I can!"

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