Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Few Firsts and then some.....

Where does time go? Seriously, I have so many memories to share just from September and October and it seems like I never have enough time to share them. The last few months have been wonderful. We have again spent many weekends with each other and family. Our little man has also done a few things that he has never done before like the circus, Halloween Hay ride, and a professional baseball game! He has also done a few things that he has done before like going to the zoo and making the newspaper!

Here we are at the circus:

Pony ride at the Halloween Hay ride:

Halloween Hay ride with dad:

First professional baseball game with Peepaw and mommy:

And here comes the then some part....

Here is our little man making the local newspaper! The first time he made the paper he was hunting for Easter Eggs, this time his Mema Alberts sent this photo into the newspaper. Looks like Papa and the little man made the cut!

Nana came to visit at the end of August-beginning of September. We spent some quality time together and even had a chance to go to the zoo together! We loved seeing you Nana and we already miss you so much!

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