Sunday, June 3, 2012

8 weeks later...

Andi is growing fast and adjusting to having a big brother, mom and dad. She is smiling and talks to us when she is awake with oo's and ah's. She is gaining weight at a steady speed and has been given the all clear as far as health goes by the doctor. So far, our little girl has mommy completely baffled. She is a good sleeper but her patterns are unpredictable, one day she will sleep all day long and the next day she won't sleep at all. Other than that, we too have adjusted to having a baby in the house again and big brother just loves her as much as mom and dad.
Look at that angelic face.... who wouldn't love her?
And big brother still finds time to have some fun!
And we have even made trips to the farm park and the zoo!
And while mommy is in the house trying to do "tummy time" the boys are outside catching baby deer.
8 weeks later we are doing well and are complete as a family of four!

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