Sunday, August 26, 2012

August~Special Guests

The month of August started with a special two week visit from Nana. Nana was kind enough to stayed with our Andi, while Ed and I took Eddie to IdleWild for two days.  After our return from Idlewild, Nana and I spent some time with the kids. We went to the ice cream shop, took in Lake Farm Park, got our pictures done at JCPenny's (photos to come) and had some fun in the pool. Nana also helped me reorganize the toy room and all of Eddie drawers in his room, not to mention the endless amounts of laundry she did for me! 
While Nana was in town, we had another special guest stop by, Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob only stopped by for a very short time on his way home from a sale but he manage to squeeze in a picture with our little man. We enjoyed having Nana here with us and we were happy to see Uncle Bob! We love our special guests.

Here are a few pictures of Nana and Eddie:

 We had a great time learning how to play marco polo:
 And Andi looking cute after her big brother put his hat on her:
 Eddie and Uncle Bob:
 And to finish off the month we got to be special guests at Peepaw's high school football team's game at the Brown's Stadium. Eddie and Ed were given a field pass to hang out with Peepaw and watch the game up close. Watching a game on the big field was a neat experience for all of us!
 Andi even found a great seat in the shade around the 50 yard line! And she was treated like a very special guest by all who were seated around us!

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Allison said...

That is fabulous that your mom was able to come stay with you and your family for an extended visit. And Idlewild looked like lots of fun!