Saturday, August 11, 2012

July~In Review

What happened to July? Really? What the heck happened to July? I can't believe we are already two weeks into August and that I go back to work in just one short week. July felt like the fast and the furious around here as did my maternity leave. And although our time off together is coming to an end I am looking forward to fall, football Sundays, cooking meals for the week ahead, the routine of the work week, and the weekends with my family after a long week at work. I am not, however, looking forward to taking both of my children back to daycare :( 
During the month of July we were able to finish up our t-ball season, take a trip to the beach, make the haul up to my husband's family's cabin in PA, and finish off the month with a trip to IdleWild Amusement Park. Our sweet little Andi did not make the trip to the beach or to IdleWild (thank you Nana for coming to stay with Andi), but she did make her first trip to the cabin with us and was an angel pretty much the whole time. Here are some pictures of our summer:

Last t-ball game of the season with Peepaw and Grandma Mueller:
Trip to the beach with mom:
 Riding the wheeler with dad up at the cabin:
 Andi Jo hanging out with Papa at the cabin:
 Me riding the beast up at the cabin:
 On the mountain with dad:

 My sweet little Minnie Mouse Andi Jo getting so big:
 Jumping in the balls at Idlewild, one happy boy:
 Sitting in the old school house at Story book forest:
Hanging with dad at Story book Forest:

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