Friday, February 13, 2009

FTF "Quest for Greatness"

I did not report out last week because FACE BOOK has taken but I am back! I worked out five days last week and three days this week. I have been sticking to the Pilates/Elliptical with weights workouts and they are paying off. I have not lost any weight but I have lost inches.
Another reason I have not posted in a while is due to the change in my sons sleeping habits. For most of his short life he has been on a schedule like clockwork, going to bed around 6:30ish and waking up at 5:00ish, however this last week he has decided to protest sleep. It's not a drastic change but not the normal if you know what I mean. I am happy that he is staying up later because mommy and daddy get to spend more time with him and if that means I don't get to talk to all of you (no offense), I'll take it!
Our son is well on his way to becoming his own little person! He can now get up into a crawling position on his own (when he feels like it) and rocks back and forth. He has been trying new foods such as: noodles, cottage cheese (loves it), cheese, cooked peas (only one, didn't like it so much), and cheerios. Cheerios are by far his favorite. Last Sunday was my husband's turn to get up in the morning so that I could sleep in and when I finally woke up to join my two love bugs, I found daddy feeding our baby lots and lots of Cheerios. Twenty-five to be exact and they weren't even soften up with milk!!!! Our little one would eat Cheerios until he turn into one if we let him!!! He also loves going to the grocery store with us now that he can ride big boy style in the cart and he especially loves when daddy races up and down the isles (while mommy is secretly having a heart attack) and squeals out with joy!

Happy Valentines Day: We hope your weekend is filled with love and joy!!!


Christie O. said...

awww how cute!! i especially love the "while mommy is secretly having a heart attack" -- that made me laugh out loud. that happens to me all the time, and it just gets worse when they get older! boys!

Julie said...

I am addicted to facebook too! I tried to find you on there but couldn't?? I am so jealous that your baby sleeps so good. Landon hardly ever sleeps through the night. Maybe one day!!