Friday, February 20, 2009

FTF "Quest for Greatness"

I feel like I have been living in a twilight zone!!! I can't believe it is already FRIDAY.... it seems like last Friday was yesterday. Anyway, I was able to get five work outs in this week. I have not lost any weight but I haven't gained any either. At this point, I am happy with maintaining.

Here is what I did this week:

Sunday: 30 min Pilates work out.
Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 33 minutes on the elliptical with 5lb. dumbbells (16 mins. with those!!!)

Wednesday: 33 minutes on the elliptical with 5lb. dumbbells (16 mins. with those!!!)

Thursday: 50 min Pilates work out.

Friday: 50 min Pilates work out.

And of course I have to add a baby update:

As you may have watch (video--from my last post), I took our little man to my girlfriend's house on Monday for a play date with Madilyn ( 15 months old) and AJ (8 months old). We had such a nice time. Our little man loved playing with his friends. He told me on the ride home that he is looking forward to seeing them again and can't wait until he gets to play with all of Madilyn's toys. He absolutely loved the rocking motorcycle, which by the way right after we left we stopped at Wall Mart and bought the rock-in-go pony!!!! And lets just say he's been a rockin ever since!!!! I have a feeling these three little adorable people will be good friends, especially when the weather breaks and we can take weekly trips to the zoo!

No crawling yet but we are making progress. He has also been trying more new foods like mac-n-cheese, little pieces of chicken (he kind of gagged with this one, is that normal?), and bitter biscuits that he bites big chunks out of because he has eight teeth. He is developing the best personality and is almost always happy as a little clam. He is so loved by so many people and I know he loves all of us too!!!!

Here is a couple of pictures with his friends. I thought we was going to get into a battle over the talking ELMO doll. I will definitely be getting him that one for his birthday!!!!
Um.... I am playing with your ELMO thank you very much!
And, NO you can not have your pillow either.
Okay, you can have your pillow but ELMO is mine!!!
Your not going to get your motorcycle back either lol!!!Thanks for having me over. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of your toys!!!!


Christie O. said...

SUCH a cutie!!! my kids did ok with chicken and turkey, however, when i ground the turkey once, we got a full-blown puke. (didn't like that one). but they did good with the pieces, just real small (pea sized). they would both gag on bread sometimes when they stuffed too much in their mouth (and drive me crazy). anyway, wow! great job this week with the workouts!!!

maggie said...

Aw, such cute pictures! Glad to hear that you are still going strong, too. That's awesome.

Julie said...

Landon just had chicken for his first time the other night - we made it really small & he did okay with it. I am sure they just need to get used to different things. Cute pictures! And I still can't find you on facebook. Maybe one day I will figure it out!