Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gunk, Love, and Prize

A while back I asked Grandma and Grandpa Mueller if they would like to have a sleepover with out little one for Saturday. And over the last week, I decided I might as well just sleepover to so that we could have one big slumber party. Our weekend did not turn out as planned. On Saturday morning I noticed some nasty green gunk coming out of my babies eyes. At first, I thought maybe it was just some extra sleepy crust, but then as the day went on it just kept pouring out. Around noon on Saturday I called the doctor to tell him what I was seeing and he instructed me to remove the gunk with a clean warm or cold compress (wet cotton balls) for each eye each time I wiped the gunk away. I followed his instructions and it seemed to keep the gunk from accumulating in my babies eyes but it didn't make him look better by any means. I called Grandpa and Grandma Mueller to inform them that we would not be coming over to spend the night because I wanted my baby to be comfortable sleeping in his own bed and that we had a doctor's appointment in the morning.

Sunday I woke up to find my son in good spirits even with crusted shut eyes. We went to the doctors and pretty much confirmed what I thought was a case of pink eye. The doctor said that it was a mild case and that he seemed to be on the mend all on his own but gave me a prescription for an eye ointment anyway for precautionary measures. Let me just tell you applying the ointment is not easy!!!! But it seems to be flushing the nasty gunk out so I will go with it!

Here is the gunk, YUCK! And yes, he's still smiling! This is one tough little cookie!
So, my little love bug and I decided to make up for our sleepover and took gunk and all over to grandpa and grandma's for a visit today!

We had a great day today! Grandma and Grandpa Mueller had a couple of Valentine surprises waiting to be played with and that he did!

Gunk and all, the weekend turned out better than expected. Like I said, my son is one tough little cookie. Saturday he was clingy and just wanted mommy and mommy just wanted to be with him too! And Sunday was a day spent with family, which we both thoroughly enjoyed!!!

I have to back track to Friday for a minute here. After I put the baby to bed Friday evening. I did my usual Friday routine.... shower, dinner, and of course check my email and blog. I know, exciting right? But wait this time it was exciting because when I logged in to see what has been going on I noticed that I had a message from Christie saying that I was the winner of this weeks prize giveaway for our "Quest for Greatness" challenge. You want to know what I won? Take a look at this beauty!!!

It's a Sigg water bottle. It's aluminum, lightweight, and it will save me from using plastic water bottles that I throw away. I would like to thank Christie again for always motivating me to life a more healthy life style!!! And thanks for drawing my name this week. I can't wait to put this beauty to use!!!!


Pubsgal said...

Congrats on winning the water bottle, *and* on sticking with the "Quest for Greatness" challenge! You were really consistent with the workouts! Best wishes for the continuing quest for health and fitness!

renee said...

Wow! Look at those two handsome guys...we sure had fun on Sunday too! Let's do it again real soon!

Julie said...

What a tough kid! I had pink eye recently & it isn't fun at all. What a cutie! I swear he grows up every time I see his pictures. So is the Quest for Greatness over with? Is she starting a new one? I need to get on board again!