Friday, March 6, 2009

Well... it's Friday

I am at a loss!!! There are no challenges or quests going on at the moment and I just can't believe that I do not have to report my workouts!!! But because I need to stay focused on maintaining a healthy life style, I am going to post my workouts for this week anyway. This may be the last workout report, unless that is until Christie would be so kind as to head up another challenge or quest!

Here is what I did this week:

Monday: 30 min. Pilates workout

Tuesday: 33 min. on elliptical (16min. with the dumbbells) and 1 mile walk.

Wednesday: 50 min. Pilates workout

Thursday: 28 min. on elliptical (16min. with the dumbbells) and 1 mile walk.

Friday: OFF

My workouts were slightly less this week. Probably because I didn't have a goal to meet or a report to make... but I did something. And something is better than nothing. I think I actually lost a couple of pounds in our last quest, but like I have said I never really kept track. My clothes are fitting much better these days and I am feeling great! And in case you were wondering why I never talk about my diet, it's because I'm on the see food diet. You know you see it, then eat it!!! Unfortunately, I have been on that diet my whole life and to be honest with you I never see it changing lol....

Baby Note: Because you know I always have to keep you updated on the latest with my little one!

The pink eye or whatever type of eye infection it actually was, is for the most part gone. He got outside this week quiet a bit with his daycare friends and love every minute of it. He has been moving more and more each day, and talking more and more each day. He says MAMA quiet clearly now and give kisses on demand (that's my favorite!!!). He's been doing some off these things for a while but not consistently... and now they are consistent! He loves his early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Alberts (leap frog learning table, Thank you!) and has been using it every night to develop his gross motor and mobility skills.

Here's a picture of him in action with daddy and Dot (from bugs life)!

Giving kisses to Dot, he love her!


maggie said...

So awesome to hear that you are still working at your goal. I've fallen way far off the path.

He is such a cutie!

Christie O. said...

i know! i am not sure what i'm gonna do myself with the weigh ins, and by the way, the last one is friday! love love love that little baby face!

Julie said...

So is he crawling? You said he was moving more? We have that same leap frog table - it was a hand me down. Landon loves it!!

ciara said...

no challenges or quests, but leigh's weight loss group is still going. have you checked us out since the move? our group is dropping like flies lol p.s. we now weigh in on tues, results on weds.