Saturday, December 6, 2008

Did you miss me?

Where do I begin??? With my Internet connections problems? With my broken knee problems? Or should I just fill you in on what the Alberts family did for the holidays? I think I will start with the last one.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was very enjoyable. Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving), I took our little man for his first visit with Santa. Grandma and Grandpa Mueller met us at the mall for pictures and took some video for us and thank god because he was so happy that day. I think he thought that Santa was a giant stuff animal because he was all smiles!!!

Thursday, we went grandma and grandpa Mueller's house for Thanksgiving dinner, where our little man was crowned the king of the Thanksgiving Day dinner table. We ate all sorts of delicious food and visited with family. I have many pictures to share from this day but unfortunately I will have to post them another time when we get all of our connections problems fixed. Yes, I am having computer problems again.... I'm getting to that!!! Thanksgiving evening we just hung out the three of us because daddy was leaving the next day to go hunting. Somehow while we were playing that night I twisted my knee the wrong way and could now possibly have a tear in the meniscus of my right knee!!!!

The day after Thanksgiving my husband left to go hunting up at his family's cabin in Pennsylvanian. The little man and I were up bright and early that morning to wish daddy good luck and to kiss him goodbye. Then we played!!! After an hour or so of playing I decided to pack everything up and go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY. Your probably thinking... I can't believe she went shopping by herself on black Friday with a baby in tow?? Well guess what? I did and we had a great time and caught some great deals!!! Of course shopping is not shopping unless you by a little something for yourself and that's when it started to get interesting. I strolled into Express thinking that I was going to be able to try on jeans the way that I used to... you know being picky, looking in the mirror a thousand times, trying on the same size jeans of the same brand because you know they all fit just a little different while my baby watches me model the new looks.... um right not so much! My little man wasn't into the modeling thing so I quickly picked the two pairs that I thought looked half way decent and got in line. I mean the extremely long line that we stood in for 30 minutes. And believe it or not it wasn't all that bad because my little man had an audience (did I ever tell you that he loves being the center of attention?)and enjoyed flirting with all the ladies!!! We made it home by 1:30, just in time to meet up with my mom who came to spend Thanksgiving weekend with us.

My mom is having her knee reconstructed on December 8th and will not be getting around much in the month of December, hence the reason for the long weekend visit. I had much on the agenda for my mom and I to get done while she was over and thanks to all her help we successfully checked everything off on the list!!! The first thing I wanted to do was to take out the shower glass doors. You know, the ones were the middle section of the doors never really gets clean unless you take everything apart. Yep. No more nasty doors here!!! And the new shower curtain and bath rug makes the bathroom look NEW and feminine and like it has a women's touch!!! The next project that was on my list was ( I just love using the word WAS) to organize the house. And guess what? That's done too!!! Now my baby has more room to play and we will have a place to put all the anticipated toys that grandma's and grandpa's will be bringing here for Christmas.

Saturday we went shopping again. And Sunday we just hung out and cooked!!! I was really glad that my mom spent the weekend with us and I am sure she enjoyed herself too! She was able to help me and get her baby fix because she probably won't being seeing our little man for a while or at least until she is up for a visit.

Daddy came home from hunting on Thursday. He surprised us and came home early. I think he missed us. We know we missed him! When we came home on Thursday we found daddy trying to clean up some of my mess. And then he stayed home with our little man on Friday to catch up on some lost time!

The mess my husband was trying to clean up is our connection problem. After my mom went home on Sunday and the baby was in bed I decided to tackle the Internet connection problem. Which is now more of a problem!!! I pretty much canceled our wireless connection and I don't even know how I did it. Oops... I am using our dinosaur desktop computer now to make this post and that is why I can not post pictures. I barely use the desktop and all of my pictures are stored on my laptop. And I have so many pictures that I want to post. My little man if now taking his bath in the big boy bathtub and he is starting to sit up on his own!!! Well.... I think that about sums up that last week and a half.


renee said...

If you have any good pictures of Gammy and Gampy Mueller from the mall email them to me. Give our angel a big kiss from us!

Julie said...

I am jealous that you can fit into Express jeans! That's great! I hope everything works out with your computer problems.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Hey there! Yes, I'm on the blog thing too.

Knee gunk?! Ugh! I did my ACL nearly 10 years ago. It didn't feel terribly good!

Congrat's on all you were able to accomplish regardless. Since no update, shall we assume that there was no deer this year?