Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I tried Pilates today for the first time ever. I liked it, however I really didn't feel like I got a workout?? Is this how you are supposed to feel? And it was probably not the best time to try this type of exercise with my said knee problem. Anyway, for all you people out there that incorporate Pilates into your every day routine I (or should I say a co-worker found) a really cool website that will calculate the amount of calories you burned during your session. Give it whirl it's over there on my side bar!


Kat said...

I've done pilates a couple of times and I usually feel it the next day. But you are right, it never feels like enough. I always want to get my run in.

Also wanted to let you know about my Christmas cards. You asked where I got them done and I wasn't sure you saw my answer in the comments. I did them online at and they were done in less than an hour. So good! :)

maggie said...

I took Pilates for awhile and really liked it a lot. It's more gentle than some workouts (not that I really know because I don't really do the "work out" thing in the traditional sense), but it can still be pretty intense.

Lynda Lippin said...

Pilates is going to feel different than a run or weight training because you are working smaller muscles and not typically to failure. However, you should at least have ab, tricep, inner thigh, or butt soreness the next day. If nothing you should puch a bit harder.

Pilates Goddess