Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did you say MAMA?

I didn't want to jump the gun by telling you that my son said, "MAMA" over the weekend until I was absolutely positive that is what he said!!! And guess what? He did say it and I have plenty of back up so don't go and rain on my MAMA parade! He said it again when he was at grandma and grandpa Alberts on Monday and then again Tuesday evening. I am so EXCITED!!! He's been saying dada, goo goo, and gee gee. In addition to saying MAMA ( I love that I can say that!!!), he also said ba ba. He isn't directly linking dada to daddy and mama to mommy yet but I just know it will happen soon. It's been a while since I have given you a full update on his developments and I'm not quit sure what I have told you and what I haven't so here is the list again:

He can sit up, drink from a sippy cup (he loves water), eat little puffed foods (this is new), he is starting to pull on things (which I am hoping means that he will be able to pull himself up to his sitting position, not there yet?), and he attempts to get his knees underneath him to move. He is not crawling yet because that would require using his hands and most time his hands are in his mouth (STILL). I think he is starting to recognize that if he didn't have his hands in his mouth he'd be able to maneuver around a bit better but he's just not ready to give that up (he loves sucking on his thumb). He claps his hands we when say Yeah and he claps he hands when we don't but that's okay, he clapping and loves to do it! He will wave hi and bye but does not do it consistently at this point in time. He now has sixth teeth and for his sake I hope he gets a break in the teething area. He has developed somewhat of a temper when he doesn't want something or does want to play with a specific toy. And he pushes us away when he wants to do his own thing (who would have thought wanting to do your own thing starts at such a young age?).

Other than that, he is a happy little camper and the love of my life!!!! It's hard to believe that in a little over three months he will be a year old. Time is going by way to fast around here!


Julie said...

It's so great to hear you talk about your little guy ... I know right where you are coming from. Who knew all these milestones would be so huge to us? It's just so much fun to watch them grow. I love that your baby is so close in age to Landon, it makes it so fun to read your blog!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

How cute he is!! He's getting too big. I LOVE when they start saying their first words. Especially Mama! It's just the sweetest sound :)

Kat said...

It is such a beautiful, magical age. So much fun and so full of big new steps. That "mama" word is just precious, isn't it? :)

Christie O. said...

awwww!!! words!! i love it!! i was just laughing about the whole temper thing with my husband yesterday. mine will just get mad and shove the spoon with the applesauce on it and it'll fling everywhere, he's so tempermental sometimes!