Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is that the door?

When I pick up my son from daycare, I usually chit chat with my daycare provider (Ms. Celeste) for a couple of minutes each day. Yesterday was no different EXCEPT for the fact that my son said his first word. Ms. Celeste saw my son's head swiveling back and forth every time another parent came through the door to pick up their child, so she asked him, "Is that the door?" And what do you know..... he said YES!!!! We were so excited that we proceeded to ask him, "Is that the door?" for about five more minutes. There were no more yeses after the first but there was one YES and that's all that counts!!! My baby is growing up so fast. The last month has been like March Madness (even though its April) around here. My son is now pulling himself up on everything to stand, standing (and screaming at me) in his crib when he does not want to go to bed, and identifying different objects by pointing to them. His first birthday is 11 days away, 11 days. I can't even believe it!!!!! There's so much to do and so little time.

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Julie said...

Sounds so much like Landon it's crazy! Landon says about 8 words now. He pointed at a dog on TV the other night & said "Dog". It was crazy! He's still not walking though. Taking steps ... but not walking. And he definitely is getting that attitude. I can definitely relate!