Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Play Date

I took our little man to meet baby KJ today. KJ is the beautiful son of high school friends of mine. He was born on January 29th, so needless to say our meeting has been well over due. Now that the weather is starting to get better I have a feeling KJ will be over to swim this summer with his mommy and daddy or we will meet up them at the zoo!!! We enjoyed our visit and look forward to more play dates with KJ.

Here is a picture of baby KJ and his mommy:
Here is a picture of me holding my little monkey and baby KJ:
It's hard to believe that almost a year ago my little baby was that small. Where did that time go?I miss rocking and cuddling my little baby and even though I still rock and cuddle him now, it's different. When there that small they just let you hold, kiss, and rock them. Once they get mobile they push away from you or climb on you like a little monkey (this is were we are now). And even though I love that my son has a mind of his own.... I miss those days.

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