Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Baby is One

It's hard to believe that one year ago today our baby boy was born. One year ago today I tried to deliver him naturally (okay... I took the epidural!!) and ended up having a c-section. I remember other moms telling me their stories of when they had their children and being scared to death of the pain. But now, one year later.... I can't even remember the pain. I was told that once my little bundle of joy came into this world I wouldn't remember and I don't!!! But what I do remember is watching my little baby grow. I remember nursing and rocking him to sleep in the early months before he developed a little mind of his own. I remember having to take him to the doctors for coughs, colds, and ear infections. I remember him only wanting Mommy. I remember his first tooth. I remember his first laugh. I remember my first kiss. And I remember the day he decided to crawl and then after that stand for the first time on his own. And all I can think about is.... I remember nothing but the best things and that he is best thing that has happened to me. Happy or sad, healthy or sick, and good or bad he is and will always be my little love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!

Here is our year together!!!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby!! It's hard to believe that he's a year old already. Time flies by when you're having fun :) Welcome to Toddlerhood, get ready for a wild ride.

Julie said...

So So cute! Very sweet tribute to your baby. Happy Birthday to your little one!

renee said...

My beautiful little angel is one year old...wow! I am glad he was born on my birthday...it is the best present I ever received! xxxxoooooo