Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kelley's Island

Tracy, Aunt Laura, Lisa, Grandma Mueller, Me, and Aunty Lynda!The bar we danced at!

Grandma Mueller and Me!

My Aunt Laura owns a house on Kelley's Island and every year she invites the female family members up for a girls night. This was my second trip up to Kelley's Island for girls night! And as usual we had a blast. We ate at the Caddy Shack for lunch, then we went back to my Aunt Laura's house and hung out, and then it was off to the bar for dancing. And did we dance!!! We danced and danced and danced and danced! I haven't danced that much in forever. I even busted out the running man and the roger rabbit!!! It was nice to be able to spend the night out with the girls. However, I did miss my baby terribly and pretty much talked about him a lot of the night and showed his picture to anyone that would look!

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