Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking!!!!!!!

Holey Digital SCRAPBOOKING!!!! I thought I was hooked on this whole blogging thing and turns out there is much much much more out there that can and will be occupying my time!! Because of voting today our school district was required to participate in an Education Symposium. And since as educators we like to view ourselves as "life long learners", I decided to go to sessions related to technology (because of things like blogging and plus how great would it be to implement these tools into our classrooms etc....). In my opinion (and probably many others), technology is becoming or is the way of the world (networking, marketing, consuming etc...). Anyhow, at the scrapbooking 101 session that was offered I learned about digital scrapbooking and all I can say is that I am in awe!!! When I first choose that session I thought it would be about the traditional method of scrapbooking, which by the way I have zero creative ability, and I thought why not maybe I'll get into the cutie girlie stuff and start making scrapbooks. But then they introduced the digital scrapbooking and before they could even explain it, I knew I was going to be hooked! How cool is it that I will be able to create albums and cutie pictures while drinking my coffee on a Sunday morning? And then just send the pictures I have created to a site like snapfish and have them printed and shipped to me! Way to cool!!! If this is something you think you would like to get into here are some links that I checked out. If you have the photodraw software on your computer your as good as gold! Good luck and let me know if you try this!

Scrapbooking sites:





These are just a few of the websites that are out there. And they have free downloads!!!


Jodi said...

LOL...you are funny...it is addicting and you will find you are losing many hours to it....but it is so worth it!

Kerri Bowden said...

So funny, I am just glad I got to pull someone into the vortex with me with this whole digital scrapbooking thing:-) And now YOU have ME hooked on blogging....this could get ugly! So nice to meet you Danielle!