Friday, November 21, 2008


I am up two pounds this week, for valid reasons of course. It's amazing how fast a month will go by if you know what I mean. So yes, I am retaining water weight at the moment!

Here is what I did this week:

Saturday: OFF- went to the casino!!!
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 3 miles on the elliptical, 1 mile walk.
Tuesday: 3 miles on the elliptical, 1 mile walk.
Wednesday: OFF- another meeting after school!!!
Thursday: 3.3 mile run on treadmill at an incline of 3 and speed of 6.0.
Friday: 2 mile run on treadmill at and incline of 4 and speed 6.0.

Christie asked us what our "Aha" moment was for this weeks question.

Here is my "Aha" moment:

This picture was taken a day after I had my baby.... but when I saw this picture I thought, holy crap I look like the giant state puff marshmallow man in the movie Ghost Busters!!!! After seeing this picture I knew that I was going to have to work really hard to get the weight off!!! And I have see:
Right after having my baby I was down 20 pounds. Since then I have lost 52 pounds!!! 6 more pounds to reach my goal!!!! YAY!!! But I do have a question for all you ladies out there that have had children and have lost the weight. Do your jeans EVER fit right again? Even though I had lost the weight, none of my jeans fit me?? Am I missing something??? And should I just throw in the towel and go by new ones?


Kat said...

Ha! That's funny you should ask. Even though I weigh about the same as I did when I got married, I just look different. My body looks different. Things just don't hang (or not hang) the way they used to. My jeans look okay, but I don't wear the same ones I wore way back when. Same size but different style. That may help. Certain cuts of jeans are more flattering and when I put on old jeans I just don't like the style. Not flattering.
I say go out and buy a new pair of jeans and see how they make you feel. :)

Christie O. said...

wow!! 50 pounds!! you definitely don't look like you had 50 pounds to lose in that picture!! even though it was your "aha" moment, i have to say, pictures of new mommies are always so beautiful -- and you are so sparkly and happy and cute mommy in that picture :)

anyway, i'll have to say a big fat "no" to your questions about whether or not jeans fit right. even though i've lost all my babyweight, things have shifted. i have some stuff in places i never did before and it is taking me some serious work in toning to set things right. but there is a chance that it might stick like that. oh well.

Jessi said...

What an amazing weight loss journey, Danielle....and all in about 6-7 months, right? How inspirational! Keep up the hard work and you'll get those last 6 pounds. ;-)

Now regarding the jeans "issue"...I'm sad to report that very few of our bodies will return to the same shape after having carried/birthed babies. The glimmer of hope that I can offer is that they may'll just have to either lose a bit more weight to compensate for the "shift" or do a bit more toning.

I lost all of the weight gained plus 10 pounds within 11 months after my son (I gained 50 pounds during pregnancy), and I remember fitting into all of my pre-preggo clothes...and I could have probably fit into some pre-marriage clothes if I hadn't gotten pregnant just before my son turned 1.

Don't throw in the towel just yet....get to your goal weight and assess the "fit" from there. ;-) It'll I said before, it's just amazing what you've accomplished already in such a short amount of time.

Sorry for the rambling....Blessings.