Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking it off Together Tuesday

Sheesh!!! Again, no change for me. I think I am at a lull. But I will keep plugging away!!! We have a new moderator for our little meme (Ciara).

Here are the results she posted for this week:

This week's prize is brought to us by Julie. She is offering a variety of 100 calorie snacks which is sure to help in the weight loss effort. I've had some 100 calorie snacks, and let me just say, they are delicious. They are also just the right amount when you need a little something to hold you over. Ever see The Biggest Loser? That show uses those babies all the time! :)

Keeping Leigh's tradition of putting names in the cup, the winner this week is Leigh! :)

This week's biggest loser is Leigh with a loss of 4 pounds! So stop by her blog to congratulate her.

Here are this week's results:

Chris - 3.2 LOSS
Tammy - 1.0 GAIN
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - No Change
Grace - 0.4 GAIN
Leigh - 4 LOSS
Clara - 0.4 GAIN
Julie - No Change
Cheryl - no report
Audrey - 2.0 GAIN
Christy - 1.0 GAIN
Tina - 2.0 LOSS
Danielle - No Change
Jessie - no report
Steph - no report
CYN - no report
Despite the gains and the no changes, as a whole we are down: -5.8 LOSS Not too bad. :)


ciara said...

well, i'm part of the no change club as well. i'm sure you and i will do better next wk :)

i goofed on the results...grace didn't report so and i miscalculated the results for some odd reason (this is what happens when you copy the post from last wk and forget to delete all the info when you put the new stuff in lol). so its 4.8 loss

i'll be better next wk lol

Clara said...

Don't feel bad about staying the same. Just keep doing the right stuff and you'll start losing again. An expert once told me that after we lose a percentage of our body weight (don't remember what percentage) we will stop losing for a little while as our body adjusts to the new weight. If we keep eating the same way, it decides we aren't really starving to death and begins to let go of more weight. Thus all the plateaus on our trip down the scale.

eternal flux said...

hey maintaining a loss is just as hard as losing! Don't give up!

Julie said...

Maintaining is good! Especially since you have already lost so much. You are doing great!!