Saturday, October 4, 2008

My bracelet has arrived!!!

Yes, my first prize ever in blog land has arrived! I would like to thank Ciara for the beautiful bracelet she made for our, Taking it off together Tuesday, weight loss group.

Here is the beauty that will help keep me focused on my quest to live a healthier life!

The charm attached to the bracelet says believe. I do believe. I believe in myself, my son, my husband, and my family!!! And I believe in all of my blog friends. Keep up the good work!


maggie said...

Oh, what fun! Yay for real life bloggy bling! Also glad that you are back online and able to post again. :)

ciara said...

Glad to see it arrived. It was humongous, wasn't it? LOL Nice to see you're back on line. Let's kick butt tomorrow :)

Julie said...

Very beautiful bracelet - you are lucky you won it :).

B Boys Mom said...

What a nice bracelet! It will be a great reminder.