Sunday, October 12, 2008

We love the weekends around here!

This has been a great weekend. Not only has it been in the 70's and beautiful outside, we've had a lot of firsts around here! Our little guy is now trying to stand. He has been attempting this for about two weeks or so but this weekend was the first time he jumped around in his activity jumper all by himself. He also is starting to sit up (for about three seconds before he slumps over), and we broke out the high chair! He has probably been ready for the high chair, but when sitting in the bouncy chair works while feeding him why mess up a good thing right? Anyway, we used the high chair for two of his feedings so far this weekend and he seems to like it but that might be because it's NEW and he loves that I have to work extremely hard to make him laugh and smile while feeding him. He has just been a little ham this weekend loving up all the attention. Which leads me to the cough. He has been experimenting with his vocals and he now knows that the cough gets him lots of attention. He just coughs and coughs and then laughs... ha, ha, ha!!! Oh, and did I tell you that he is a pro at fighting sleep. Yes, Yes, he is.

We went for our usual walks this weekend and now that he can really see things, he just loves it! We took a walk back to our barn last night to give daddy a kiss (because he's been chopping wood for the winter all weekend) before bedtime and couldn't stop looking up in the sky and at the trees. It would have been a perfect night to sit around a bonfire. However, I am still a freak about the bugs and after about two minutes of being back there we were swarmed by mosquitoes. No Thanks... so we went inside and talked on the bed like we usually do! OMG!!! And how could I forget to tell you that our son has had his first official wedgie!!! Yep, a wedgie see:

Dad changed this diaper!

Sitting big boy style in my high chair!
Hanging out with Speags before our walk!

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Julie said...

Sounds like your little guy is growing up! We have been going through all that the last few months too ... it's so much fun!!