Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pizza Test

I saw this test over at Maggie's blog and thought I would give it a go!

Here is what my pizza says:

Your Pizza Says:

You tend to be attracted to rustic, homemade foods.

You don't like fancy restaurant food. You prefer your own cooking.

Pizza Topping You Should Try: Basil

Stay away from: Any pizza overloaded with a mess of toppings

I am not so sure I agree with this because I totally love fancy restaurants and would rather eat at a fancy restaurant then eat my own food. However, now that I am a mom... I guess I have been cooking more and I don't even now why because it's not like our little guy can eat big boy food yet!!! So, maybe I am already practicing?? I don't know?? Plus, I love pizza with lots of toppings. I am so that "extra" girl when I order something or go out to eat. It's funny because when I first met my husband, we would go out to eat and he felt like he had to wait forever for me to finish my ordering (extra sour cream please, and could you bring an extra ranch for my fries, and I think I want a side salad to with cheese and onions please!!! I hate to make you run so I thought I would just tell you now!!!) Anyway, now I just order for both of us now that I have him eating so many more foods than he thought he liked!!!

What does your pizza say?

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maggie said...

Mmm, pizza. Not sure how scientific it is, but it definitely made me crave pizza.