Friday, October 17, 2008


I lost two pounds this week. Yes, the same to pounds that I reported for Taking it off together Tuesday. I said last week that maybe this week I would add some lifting. Um... ya, that didn't happen. I did my same old work out that I always do. It was like I had a good angel sitting on my right shoulder saying, "go lift, go lift, go lift" but then there was the bad angel on the left shoulder saying, "go run, go run, go run"!!! And what do you know the bad angel won me over every time!

Here is what I did this week:

Saturday: 2.5 mile run with dogs, 2 set of stairs at the park.
Sunday: 3 mile walk with son.
Monday: 3 mile run on track, 1 mile walk.
Tuesday: 3 mile run on track, 1 mile walk.
Wednesday: 3 miles on elliptical, 1 mile walk.
Thursday: 3 miles on elliptical, 1 mile walk.
Friday: OFF

I took today off to go get our first family Christmas picture. I will be posting pictures soon!

Now on to Christie's question of the week: So remember our question for this week? About your favorite and least favorite body parts or rather, what you'd like to work on? What are they???

I'm not sure that I actually have a favorite when it comes to a part of my body, but if I had to pick something I guess I would pick my shoulder muscles (sorry Christie!!!). I've always had good shape to my arms and I am thankful for that! As for the part I don't like, I would have to say my gut buster!!! I could do a million sit ups and I would still have a gut!!! I don't really even drink any more and it's still there. Now I know I just had a baby and everything, but even pre-baby no matter what diet I would try or work out I followed the gut just won't go away. Any suggestions on how to get ride of it?

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Christie O. said...

i'm wondering about that belly thing myself. i got me a deflated balloon. wah wahhhhh.

i'm envious of your arms! congrats on the two pounder last week -- you worked hard for that!!