Friday, October 10, 2008

FTF "HFH" Better late than never!!!

I am down one pound this week for HFH! It is the same one pound that I reported for Taking it off together Tuesday. I have reached the point to were my cardio workouts alone are not going to cut it! I definitely need to start adding sit ups, push ups, and weight lifting. That will be my goal for next week. I'm not going to make any promises because I love to run and it's hard for me to not run and lift but I will try. Maybe I will even try doing both!!!

Here is what I did this week:

Saturday: 2 mile walk, 2 mile run with son in running stroller.
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 2 mile walk, 2 mile run with son in running stroller.
Tuesday: 3 mile run on track, 1 mile walk.
Wednesday: 3 miles on elliptical, 1 mile walk.
Thursday: 3 miles on elliptical, 1 mile walk.
Friday: 2.5 mile run on track, 1 mile walk.

On another note: It's homecoming weekend for my school district. To be supportive I dressed in spirit wear on Friday! My little guy had on his very own spirit wear too! His little onesie says Pirate Hoops.

Here we are bright and early Friday morning.

As for the question of the week: What inspires me and where did I find it?

I never had to go looking! My dad has inspired me my whole life. He has always lead by example and has pushed me to be the best person that I can be. He has taught me that hard work and perseverance pays off. He has always believed that I could do anything I put my mind to and because of that I have accomplished most of the goals I have set for myself. Now that I am a mother, I want to be that inspiration. I want to be able to inspire my son the way my dad has inspired me! That is what inspires me now at this very moment. I only hope I do as good a job with my son as my dad did with me!!!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Congrats on the one pounds :) You look great and look how big that little guy is. He's soooo gorgeous!!

maggie said...

Congrats on losing the pound! Your dad does sound like great inspiration.

About reading my private blog, do you have an email address? Outlook isn't required, but you'd need an email address that I could use to set the permission and for you to receive the link to get in.

Christie O. said...

awwww, great post on inspiration! how sweet! and you guys look so cute together, you make a great couple!! :)
congrats on the loss this week!

renee said...

Awwww! I know your Daddy is very very proud of all of your accomplishments. I think your last accomplishment is probably his favorite (little eddy!) He looks too cute in his spirit wear and you look great too! Keep up the good work