Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This weekend was to busy for my own liking. Ironically, it was my fault that is was so busy. Friday I had a coaches meeting at the school district that I work for so I packed up our little baby and off we went. He slept through the entire meeting and I even held a mini practice with my girls basketball team after the meeting in preparation for our shootout on Sunday. When we got home from the meeting and practice I tried to straighten up the house a bit because my mom and grandma from Arizona were coming over for dinner and to babysit so that I could attend my husband's show at Hooples downtown. While I spent most of the afternoon feeding and changing diapers, in the 90 degree weather with no air condition, I found the time to make dinner (chicken paprikash, it was delicious!!!). My mom was running a little late so that cut my time in half to actually get ready to go out, like I didn't sweat enough that day. When my mom and grandma finally arrived, I gave my grandma the tour of the house and then served dinner. I jumped in the shower at the last minute and could you believe it... my FAT GIRL skirt didn't fit me and I had to put the only pair of jeans that fit me on, thank god for the FAT GIRL jeans! YAY! Just when I thought I would be able to visit with my mom and grandma before my ride came, my mom decided to take the baby for a walk. I showed my mom how to use the stroller properly and then just took outside anyway. Just when I was about to sit down and talk with my grandma, my ride showed up and yes he was on time. Luckily he is a pretty cool guy because he didn't mind hanging out on the front porch for a couple of minutes. My mom came back from walking the baby and decided that it would be nice to sit on the front porch, which my husband has torn up because he plans on staining it in the near future. So I put the chairs back on the front porch, put the bug net over our baby's car seat to keep him safe from any critters, ran inside to make sure I was not forgetting anything, and finally made it out the door to my husband's show. And yes its still FRIDAY!
I had a nice time at the show and it was nice to be in a social setting. And as usual, I had good company!
My husband singing at his show!

Saturday was actually a lazy day. It was the first time since our baby has been born that dad, baby, and I just laid around the house, watched movies, and enjoyed each others company. We loved every minute of it and it really put things in perspective for us. ONCE AGAIN OUR BABY IS MOST IMPORTANT ABOVE ALL!
Sunday was dad's first day with the baby all by his self for eight whole hours! I took my team to a basketball shootout at Baldwin Wallace College and was gone for pretty much the whole day. Three weeks ago if you would have asked me if I could be a stay at home mom, I would have said no way. However, after a long day and being away from my baby for eight hours I had a change of heart quicker than you could blink your eyes. I now think I could be a stay at home mom. When I got home from the shootout I started to cry.... I missed my baby so much! I thought to myself..... oh my god, how am I going to go back to work? But I know it has to be done.
Then there was today. Triple Threat camp started at the school district that I work for and off I went again with out our little baby. It was so hard to leave after the long weekend that we had and knowing that I will be gone every day for the rest of the week. I guess this is a good preparation for me for when I go back to work. But know that the week hasn't even really begun and I already miss our precious little baby. How could I not, look at him!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

It's funny how the "mom" takes over and you just can't help but miss them isn't it? Even if I'm away from the boys for several hours I still get weepy and miss them. And you know what monsters they are so can you believe that? Hope the rest of the week isn't too bad. We are going over Mom's to see Eddie today (and to pick up luggage, and to drop off a baby swing, but the main goal is to see EDDIE it's been too long).