Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Danielle


1. The way he looks at me.

2. His beautiful smile.

3. His big blue eyes.

4. They way he crinkles his eyebrows and flares his nostrils when passing gas.

5. The way he smells.

6. His crooked little toe.

7. The way he holds onto my finger.

8. His kisses (he gives the best baby kisses).

9. His hands (he has my hands by the way!)

10. His hairy little ears (he has dad's ears!).

11. All the little coos and noises he makes.

12. I love everything thing about him!!!

13. But most of all, I love the joy he has brought to my life!!!

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Bubba said...

Hairy ears? GAAAAH!!! I found a few years ago that I've been blessed with hairy ears...and it just disgusts me. Blech.

Anyhoo...great TT! God bless you and your family.

Barbara said...

When my little girl was a newborn, I was desperate to find anything of me in her - she looked just like her dad. She had my hands, though, and my ears (thank goodness).

kay said...

Babies are wonderful. Ours are 30 and 35, and I still think they are wonderful!

Rims said...

Babies are truly natures best creations...hope you have a great time seeing your baby grow.

Happy TT!

Christie O. said...

awww how sweet! i love my little guy's puffy hands. they look like little pudgy catcher's mitts. cute list! i just love babies!

Kristi said...

Written like a true first time mom. Great first T13. Your little one is adorable.

Eaton Bennett said...

I have had seven babies and each one has been a joy beyond description. I can still think of things I adored about each one. The oldest just had his 34th birthday and the youngest is 7 years old. Two boys and five girls...7 grandchildren and one due in September. Lovely TT! :)