Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day for both me and my son. Unfortunately, I can not say the same thing for my husband. He drove out to my parents house today to pick up an air condition and heating unit (thanks dad!). We hope to have both of the units installed successfully. I say this because the unit is six feet tall, which is not compatible with our basement. We live in an old farm house from the 1920's and our basement has five foot tall ceilings (which by the way I am to tall for... I am 5'10!!! Did I tell you that I love doing laundry lol...) Any how, we unloaded the units when my husband returned from my parents and then he had to load my truck with his band equipment for his show. Yes another show!!! I thought his very last show was last Friday but low and behold one of the bars that he has played at for some time now called with a cancellation and of course my husband's band filled in!

So here I am at 12:29a.m. on Sunday morning feeling the need to tell you about my lazy day!

I woke up this morning and actually got to go for a run (watch out all you summer of me competitors). It was my first run since having our baby and it felt great. After that, I sat on the deck with our son and got some reading done! I started reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer pre-baby and needless to say I never finished reading the book. While I tried to catch up on my reading, I caught a couple of rays which was well over do!

I made dinner for my husband and I, which was delicious. I make the best panini style sandwiches with coleslaw and fries!!! We managed to squeeze in the movie Lars and The Real Girl before he left for his show. After he left, me and our little guy walked down to the neighbors. We visited for while and then walked home! It was so nice to just lounge around today!!! And it was also nice spending time with our son. He talked to me all day and I loved it!

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