Saturday, June 28, 2008

Haley's Graduation Party

My little cousin Haley graduated from high school this year. Holy crap am I getting old! Her graduation party was today and I went to the party without my little baby. I wish I would have taken him but I can't predict the weather and I just wasn't sure about taking him to a big party just yet... A small gathering yes... but a big party not so sure?? I missed him as did all of my family. I know they are all dying to meet him.

I usually take a ton of pictures at these type of events. However, today I spent time catching up with some of my family members that I have not seen in a long time. On my dad's side of the family there are 13 us of kids (cousins). There are older cousins (which unfortunately, my brother and I are the oldest :( ) and then there are the younger cousins. Fortunately, I was able to get a picture with my cousin Amy (sorry Amy your in the older cousins category), Katie (younger cousin), and of course Haley (the grad and also apart of the younger cousins category). Amy's boyfriend Todd and her nephew Owen (my second cousin) are also in the picture. Was this confusing enough for you or what?

It was so nice to see all of you!


todd said...

Hey Danielle,

Well what do you know! I made the blog right out of the box. :) Sweet, glad I found my way here. I will forward the link to Amy to remind her. Maybe I can take some notes from your diet, nice. Funny how these youtube crashes never get old. Where in PA were you? I was actually born out that way and still have ties to western PA. Anyway, I have to get back to work, but I'll check back later in the week. Remember Amy and I are into the graphic design stuff, so if you ever need Photoshop work or graphics for the blog just let us know. Have a good 4th, later.


Danielle said...

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our site! I click on your name but it said that your blog was not accesible at this time? You should send me both of your email addresses and phone numbers so that I can let you know when my husbands band is playing out again! We rode around up in Cameron County PA!!!